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Google Educators Groups (GEGs) help bring local educators together in person and online to learn, share, and inspire one another.

Teachers in a Google Educator Group in India listen intently to a seminar.

What are Google Educator Groups?

GEGs connect passionate educators to discuss the benefits of technology to schools, classrooms, and communities across the world—both online and at locally run events offline. These groups provide a forum for educators to collaborate, share, and support each other.

Anyone can join

You may be a principal, a school administrator, a professor, a student, or someone interested in using Google products to foster learning.

Run by educators and people like you

Each group is organized by a local volunteer GEG leader and is entirely independent from Google, the corporation.

Free to attend events, online and offline

Follow a group on Google+ for updates and meet members in person at an upcoming GEG event near you. All GEG events are free.

“I joined a GEG to [connect with] a network of tens of thousands of other certified educators around the world. I can send a message to one of my groups, like ‘I’m trying to figure out a way to help my students understand where important events in history took place using Google Earth,’ and learn how other educators are doing this in their classrooms.”

Donnie Piercey, Social Studies Teacher and Technology Integration Specialist, Eminence Independent School
A static map of the world shows at a high level the number of Google Educator Groups all over the world.

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Google Education Groups news and stories

Donnie Piercey, fifth grade teacher and Google Certified Educator, uses technology to help transform learning for students. (Photo credit: James Allen, Eminence Schools)

Teaching why, not how: My takeaways from Google’s certification training

Donnie Percy, social studies teacher and technology integration specialist, shares his success on becoming a Google Certified Educator and how it helped ignite learning and creativity in his classroom through technology.

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